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Although I do have a patch setup for ‘one of these days’, I always set that patch up first. Ironically none of my bands has ever played it, I just like it.

I use the Chameleon Herbie Hancock one that someone put up – t’is a very good replication, we do a few bars of that track as a link in my functions band.

I know it is not really a bass Jack’s playing, but anyway I would appreciate the info! Am i the only one that wants to use the B3 as a 3 distinct pedal unit? I would like to find a site with presets for each individual Fx not for a whole patch. I use it as a three pedal unit too. Generally I use the same three effects or subsets thereof for all songs chorus and amp sim, reverb to thicken things up for some guitar solos , but there’s a few that I use just on one song so there’s a separate couple of patches for those.

Many thanks for putting these patches online. I was looking for an Octaver and ended up getting my B3 down from the loft and realising how useful it is.

I’m at work playing with the Edit and Save software and can’t figure out how to import the patches onto my Macbook. I want to download them but can’t seem to drag or import the files.

My B3 isn’t connected and I’m working with the computer patch set. The files have downloaded as. Can anyone help? I am a newbee to this chat and I was wondering whether anyone has a Zoom B3 patch for bass tone on Adele’s song «When we were young». The bass tone sounds like a Hoffner Violin Bass, I could be wrong. Your assistance is much appreciated. Regards, Vic. I’ve had a B3 for a while now and never really sat and used it to it’s full potential.

Essentially, it’s been a glorified tuner I’m just recently getting to grips with it, but I’m not really sure I fully understand the concept – I’m looking for an expert to help me out! Is it just me that can’t seem to press the two pedals simultaneously?! Does the bank function mean that you can access more than 3 pedals within one patch? Is there no option to go past J9 and create K0, 1, 2, 3 etc? I’ve just bought one myself. Although I am not an expert I’ll have a go at answering some of your questions.

In addition, if you use memory hungry effects together the B3 may not be able to run them all. It then bypasses one of them. The graphic of the affected effect reflects the bypass with a cable running horizontally through the screen of that effect. I believe the amp models are the most resource hungry effects.

Buggered if I know. Until you get a feel for it perhaps yes. I think you are limited to three at a time. Yes, if you scroll through them using the up and down «TYPE» buttons at the top of the screen where you want the effect. The unit seems designed with the intent that you have your patches worked out and stored in a sequence that you can scroll through quickly with the footswitches.

That way, you can give them names that are relevant to your set. Changing effects within a patch can’t be done with the footswitches though. You’d have to reach down and press the «TYPE» buttons.

I think so. If I overwrite the unit autosaves patch changes a patch that I want to restore later it’s still on the laptop. Not onboard the unit. Any help greatly appreciated so I can finally get some proper use out of this machine.

You’re welcome. I hope my limited knowledge helps. This is also a great topic for other users to chip in with their findings. The B3n will do seven patches in a chain and I read that it has better quality sims. It gets rid of the XLR out though. I’m dead happy with the relative simplicity of three effects at a time in the B3 for now.

I have used mine both as 3 stand alone pedals and multiple pedals combined into patches. It kind of depends on the band. I’m in a fairly loose pub covers band and it’s fun to have different effects and use them on the fly however I fancy. Depping in a more formal function band I will load up the entire set, each patch labelled with each song title in set order and just move through a patch at a time. If one song calls for something different under a solo or wotnot I will copy the main patch tweak it for whatever the change is save the tweaked patch adjacent to the original then just go up to it as and when the song calls for it.

That way I don’t have to think just keep pressing the button to call up the next patch as and when needed. Clean blend on most effects which is often desired by bass players plus a master per-patch clean blend. Cons : A lot of the effects aren’t fabulous sounding which is always one of the issues with multieffects, though you usually have more than one to choose from.

Drive effects are also not «touch sensitive» so they have the same basic sound at all input volumes unlike a natural tube overdrive which cleans up when the input is rolled off. No MIDI input so no way to slave a MIDI clock or control via MIDI, in fact there isn’t even a tempo setting per-patch it’s one global setting which is super annoying if you want a bunch of different patches pre-programmed to specific bmp. Requires an external footswitch to use tap tempo, but then you cannot use an expression at the same time as there’s only a single sereo control jack.

No really good way to directly switch paches while playing. An editor app, but no online library to faciliate easy user sharing of patches, can power from a Voodoo Labs ma 9V connector so you don’t need the annoying external power brick. Patch Download right-click and choose Save As. MonoSynth into MonoPitch one octave down and blended into Z-Synth which is the key to the deep, fat, rich tone heard.

This bpm clip illustrates the limit of the retriggering possible with the monosynth effect, at least with my playing ability. I’m heaily palm muting and playing all down strokes which seems effective with aiding retriggering though you can hear my notes falling behind the beat frequently. Playing quarter notes instead is no issue but I thought I’d illustrate the boundaries of the performance of the unit.

Batch of custom synth patches, some of which are leverages from the factory «Moog» patch. Sound clips is just me noodling live through each of the patches included, cycling through them in patch mode on the B3. A few bit crusher patches. My attempt at heavily gated, high gain fuzz sounds.

You hear clean, then the three patches shared here, then a standard gated fuzz from the Octavius Squeezer. Keep in mind no amp sims are used here so you’re hearing the raw tone of the fuzz. Listenin to the clip I find the Zoom fuzz to be more pleasing, but overly bass laden compared to the Squeezer fuzz which sounds awesome through my amp.

For some reason it comes through thin sounding here, though it is definitely a more mid-focused square fuzz. Bah, should’ve recorded through an amp sim. Patch is bypass by default, then Pitch Shift, MonoPitch, and Octaver all set to soloed so you can quickly compare some of the different octave sounds.

First crack at a plucked double-bass type sound.


Patch zoom b3 download.Bass Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal

I am working on a web site that is a repository for Zoom multi-effects patches and patch libraries. Because it was the most fun, the first thing I. Zoom B3 Bass Sound Samples and Patches. Here are some sound samples recorded with my Zoom B3 bass mutlieffect. Zoom B3 Patch Download. Looks like Zoom company has pulled down the default patch list for the B3, because the B3 is replaced by the B3n. Does anyone have a.


Patch zoom b3 download –

Sep 28,  · Hey everybody welcome to the zoom b3 patch ideas thread. this is the one thread where you can share your patch ideas for the zoom b3. since I’ve learned how the zoom b3 actually functions, I’m starting to get some ideas on patches to create. so I will be posting some nifty patch ideas that can help you get some totally awesome sounds. anyone here who . Oct 31,  · Make sure the B3 tab (immediately above the Editor) is highlighted if you have more than one device type showing. Create yourself a new blank patch group – right click on PC in the Library and then click New Patch Group. Give it a name, and then make sure that patch group is selected. May 26,  · Support & Downloads. About. Accessibility Statement. Help Center. B3 Firmware | Mac B3 System Version for Mac (Released 07/29/) Edit&Share Software | Windows Find links and information regarding free editions of bundled software for Zoom products. View Software. Zoom North.



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